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JD Outlaw is from many different hometowns in Alabama. He has played shows all over the country. Montgomery AL, Birmingham AL, Tampa FL, Nashville TN, Key West FL, Dayton OH, Erie PA, North Conway NH, Boston MA just to name a few. JD Outlaw has also worked in studio with Guest House Studios, Eclectic AL, as well as currently finished his debut album with Rocking Horse Studio in Pittsfield NH that released on May 21st 2011.
Growing up in the heart of Dixie, his style was developed while listening to his mother’s radio playing traditional country music and over hearing it while in the pasture. JD Outlaw’s music also comes from growing up in the grunge/ post grunge era of rock. So from his style and music to his personal outlook on life he takes a “real” feel approach.
Life has handed JD Outlaw many different opportunities to create songs that convey how others feel in their lives. He feels “Everyone has felt pain, or love, and the void of being in
between” which in part is his inspiration to write his life story. JD Outlaw bleeds his life into these songs for people to feel his connection to their pain and love. His music reflects these exact emotions from Hank style driven pedal steel, up beat tempo Alabama love songs, to the over stimulating visual imaging of Alice in Chains and the rawness of a good outlaw Waylon tune. In other words his music is about heartbreak, love, extreme sadness, as well as overwhelming happiness. JD Outlaw’s music is also contributed by being proud of your roots, and last but not least a good moonshine.







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